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  • 編集委員長

    野口 晴子早稲田大学 政治経済学術院 教授
  • 編集顧問

    • 池上 直己慶應義塾大学 名誉教授 /
    • 西村 周三京都先端科学大学 経済経営学部 教授 /
      医療経済研究機構 特別相談役
  • 編集委員

    • 菅原 琢磨法政大学 経済学部 教授学習院大学 経済学部 教授
    • 杉山 雄大国立国際医療研究センター糖尿病情報センター医療政策研究室長 /
    •  筑波大学医学医療系教授
    • 濱島 ちさと帝京大学 医療技術学部看護学科 保健政策分野 教授
    • 福田 敬国立保健医療科学院
    • 安川 文朗横浜市立大学 国際商学部 教授
    • 康永 秀生東京大学大学院医学系研究科 公共健康医学専攻 臨床疫学・経済学分野 教授
    • 山田 篤裕慶應義塾大学 経済学部 教授

Asian Pacific Journal of
Health Economics and Policy


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The Asian Pacific Journal of Health Economics and Policy is an e-journal published by the Institute for Health Economics and Policy and the Japan Health Economics Association.

This journal is a no-fee open-access peer-reviewed journal that accept articles on areas of health economics, health care policy, and health services research in a various context of healthcare systems, including non-Western settings. All the scholars in the area above are welcome to submit to the Journal.

Journal Scope

  • 1

    Enhancing research in the area of health economics, health care policy, and health services research in the context of healthcare system with a specific demographic, social, and politico-historical background.

  • 2

    Setting an academic platform for scholars and other interested parties including policy makers to enhance discussion for evidence-based health policy making.

  • 3

    Promoting open exchange of views, theories, and opinions among all concerned with the various dimensions of healthcare systems to seek for an innovating integration of related disciplines for efficient and fair healthcare systems.


The personal information provided at the submission will be used only for the operation of our journals.

Instructions to AuthorsManuscript Submission and Specifications

Editorial Committee Member

  • Editor-in-Chief

    Haruko Noguchi, PhDProfessor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University
  • Editorial Committee
    (Member List)

    • Takuma Sugahara, PhDProfessor, Faculty of Economics , Hosei University
    • Takehiro Sugiyama, MD PhD Chief, Division of Health Services Research, Diabetes and Metabolism Information Center, National Center for Global Health and Medicine / Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba
    • Chisato Hamashima, MD PhDProfessor, Faculty of Medical Technology, Teikyo University
    • Takashi Fukuda, PhDDepartment Director, Center for Outcomes Research and Economic Evaluation for
      Health, National Institute of Public Health
    • Fumiaki Yasukawa, PhDProfessor, School of Economics and Business Administration, Yokohama City University
    • Hideo Yasunaga, MD PhD Professor, Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Health Economics, School of Public Health, the University of Tokyo
    • Atsuhiro Yamada, PhD Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University
  • Adjunct Editor

    • Jui-fen Rachel Lu, ScDProfessor, Dept of Health Care Management & Graduate Institute of Management, College of Management, Chang Gung University
    • Soonman Kwon, PhDProfessor, Seoul National Univesity School of Public Health
  • Adviser

    • Naoki Ikegami, MD, PhDProfessor Emeritus, Keio University / Adjunct Professor, Kurume University School of Medicine
    • Shuzo Nishimura, PhDProfessor, Facility of Economics and Business Administration, Kyoto University of Advanced Science / Executive Adviser of Institute for Health Economics and Policy (IHEP)