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Manuscript Submission and Specifications

1. Format of articles
Articles are to be submitted in the format of an A4-size Microsoft Word document
file with 36 lines per page. As referee reading will be conducted anonymously, the
following four items should be included on the cover page (first page), while the
main text should appear from the body page (second page) onward and
acknowledgements should not be included from that page onward. (1) The title of
articles, the name, title and institutional affiliation of authors, acknowledgements,
and the date of submission must be entered clearly on the cover page. (2) The name,
title, institutional affiliation, address, telephone number, fax number and email
address of authors should also be provided separately for contact purposes. (3) In
the case of co-authored articles, the email address of all the authors concerned must
be supplied in full. (4) Where articles are based on research that has been supported
by grants, fellowships or other such funding, authors are to give the name of the
awarding institutions or organizations concerned, the year of the award and all
other relevant information in their acknowledgements

2. Articles in Japanese should be no longer than 12 pages, with 40 characters per line.
Articles in English should be no longer than 6,000 words, excluding the cover-page,
figures/tables and abstract.

3. An abstract of about 1,000 characters in Japanese or about 400 words
(double-spaced) in English should be prepared and attached to the article.
Up to 10 Japanese and 10 English keywords are to be selected for article searches
and listed at the end of the abstract. Keywords in English should as a rule be in
lower case letters.

4. Endnotes (e.g., 'Note 1') should be placed together at the end of the main text of the
article in numerical order.

5. Bibliographical references should be numbered by superscript next to the citations
in the main text of articles, and the full references should be listed at the end of the
main text in numerical order with all numbers clearly indicated. Up to three
authors for individual works may be listed in bibliographical references, but for
works with four or more authors the name of the first author only should be given
and followed by 'et al.'.
The following specimen examples are to be taken as standard for contributing
Journal articles:
1) Wazana, A. Physicians and the pharmaceutical industry: is a gift ever just a gift?
Journal of American Medical Association 2000; 283: 373-380.
1) Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. A System of Health
Accounts. Paris: OECD Publications, 2000.
1) Fuchs, V., 1991. National health insurance revisited. Health Affairs [Winter], 7-17.
(Translated by Emi, Niki, Kenjo. Future of Healthcare Policy. Keiso Shobo, 1995.

6. Figures and tables are to be numbered sequentially, with captions added and
sources clearly indicated. Figures should not be entered into the main text of articles,
but should rather be placed individually in separate attachments with the places for
insertion indicated in the main text.

7. Roman and Arabic numerals and letters used for outlines should as a rule
be set out in the order as follows: 1. (1) a) ....