Summary of Research Project

The IHEP, the leading research institute for Japanese health economics and policy, has been providing empirical evidence for better policy with an emphasis on economic aspects of health care activities.

The Institute for Health Economics and Policy (IHEP) was established in October 1993 to improve health policy in Japan by collecting/providing empirical data and providing policy suggestions through transdisciplinary analyses of health economics, health informatics, social epidemiology and other relevant disciplines. IHEP is a non-profit corporation whose supporting members are comprised of individual scholars, students, medical institutions and for-profit companies, all of whom are in agreement with the aims and objectives of the IHEP and maintain close contact with one another to form the fundamental basis for managing IHEP. Approximately 200 individual members and approximately 150 institutions and companies support our research activities. Some health care issues are pressing and should be solved urgently by transdisciplinary problem-solving approaches. We will make every effort to ensure that IHEP will be recognized as an operational base for the research on health policy not only in Japan but also throughout the world.